Charts, Bruh: Americans Willing To Bring The Ruckus If Necessary

Peep this chart, bruh

America and Torture


Ok… lots of information to break down. We gotta recognize real right now.

Real Recognize Real The Wire.jpg

2 of the most badass mofos in the history of television.


First, let’s address the elephant in the room. While our lame duck President insists that his administration’s strategy for defeating ISIS is working (what a freaking joke), American citizens aren’t so naive and gullible. As the chart shows, over 60% of Americans anticipate another terrorist attack on US soil within the next 6-months. Folks, that’s absolutely insane. Americans should not have to operate through their daily lives in constant fear of some psychopath potentially trying to blow themselves up near them. Americans work too god damn hard to provide for their families and to stand as a nation of pure values and philanthropic values. The last thing we fucking need is to be fearing for our safety in venues that are supposed to represent the freedom and fun of the American spirit (sports venues, concert halls, etc.). Obama should be ashamed that he has allowed Americans to feel this sense of urgent fear. Only 9 more months, “folks”.

Regarding the third part of the chart, I can completely relate and empathize with the feelings of the Americans polled for this study. Since the Islamic Terrorist attacks that took place in Paris last year that left over 120 innocent lives lost, I’ve been to sporting events and concert venues. I’ve been on planes, trains, and automobiles (punny?). And I won’t lie. I’ve felt very concerned for my safety at times when at these large venues. As much as we like to think we have adequate security forces to protect us at these events, unfortunately this new type of warfare that ISIS and the like take part in evade detection with ease. 

But the middle section relating to torture was what I found the most interesting about this chart, bruh. As you can see, 63% of Americans are tolerant of the “use of torture against suspected terrorists”. 82% of Republicans and 53% of Democrats polled were A-OK with the use of torture against suspected terrorists.

I found those tidbits to be pretty freaking shocking.


I felt in America’s current PC climate and rapidly changing views that this would be much lower. If you were to guess what % of Republicans and Democrats voted in favor of this sentiment, I would have said 70% and 30% , respectively. As we already mentioned, I guess American citizens aren’t as naive and unrealistic about how to fight Islamic Terrorism than our lame duck President.

When you have an enemy that hides in shadows, only to emerge and try their best to kill as many innocent people as possible, your warfare tactics must adapt. If these assholes are wiling to kill themselves and their own families in order to inflict pain on America, what the hell makes you think they’ll provide any information to our counter-terrorism forces willingly, let alone without provocation.

Not so bold prediction: those percentages for both Republicans and Democrats will continue to grow as more and more Americans lose loved ones to the wrath of Islamic Terrorism. That said, I hope I’m wrong.

Buckle Up, It’s Gon Get Bumpy.


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