A-Rod Has Died, Alex Is Risen… (A-Rod May Come Again)

ICYMI: The artist formerly known as A-Rod is now dating  Anne Wojcicki. You don’t know who she is? You’re not alone… Presumably, you would think that a man of Rodriguez’s stature would be making sex tapes with the biggest A-list celebs to add to his already impressive stable of conquests (see: Torrie Wilson, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Madonna).

But those days are “dead and gone.”  Wojcicki is the ex-wife of Google founder Sergey Brin, and is supposedly known as a wealthy Brainiac. While she’s not exactly high on the looks scale when compared to some of the names previously mentioned, this calculated transaction by Rodriguez has crystallized his transformation from the artist formerly known as “A-Rod” to the forward thinking , and dare we say likeable(?), “Alex.”

Whereas “A-Rod” was a man that enjoyed the occasional underground black market poker game, the frequent injection of steroids and back page sexual escapades… “Alex” is a man that cherishes business suits, investmentsnostalgia, and a woman that can be his rock (and most likely the occasion injection of HGH, because old habits die hard!).

Have we seen the last of “A-Rod” as we knew him? Hard to say, the man is an expert con man the likes the world hasn’t seen since Frank Abagnale.

But as a Yankee fan, I’m hyped to the tits that we have “Alex” blasting Monument Park bombs in the middle of the lineup in 2016. 


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