What Made You Think D’Angelo Russell Wouldn’t Pull These Shenanigans?

What Made You Think D’Angelo Russell Wouldn’t Pull These Shenanigans? 
Listen: I love D’Angelo Russell’s game. I’ve been high on the dude since halfway through his freshman season. While Russell is limited defensively and physically at age 20, his smooth skills and basketball IQ seem poised to translate very effectively in the current NBA game.
That said, basketball IQ does not always run parallel to real-life IQ. D’Angelo perfectly exemplified this fact when he thought it was a funny idea to share a video of his teammate admitting to cheating on his fiancé. I mean, if that isn’t the definition of “fuckboi”, I don’t know what is. 
Peep the video below, that features Nick Young admitting to fornicating outside of his relationship with his fiancé (who just so happens to be the terrible yet uber-famous “rapper”, Iggy Azealea).
Seriously though, it doesn’t get much worse than this for D’Angelo in terms of street cred.  What this fuckboi did goes against all basic codes of brotherhood and trust that exists between 2 peers. Now, magnify that “habitual line stepping” in a culture (locker room) that values these things exponentially more like in the NBA? Ohhhh boyyyy. Not good D, not good. 
Pro sports locker rooms are probably one of the most instinctual, tribal, crude, and emotionally primitive work environments in America. With crazy levels of testosterone flying high, don’t expect any peers to tolerate a fuckboi violating all the rules of the game.
Omar All in the game.jpg
All of that said, this should not be a fucking surprise to anyone. Russell has given us clues that he’s all about the celebrity lifestyle and being a douchebag. Here’s some solid examples:
  1. Upon getting drafted by the LA Lakers, D’Angelo Russell was immediately rumored to be dating none other than 1 of the Kardashian girls (and when I say girls, I mean under 18…).
  2. D’Angelo Russell needed Jordan Clarkson to tell him to relax and not “say anything crazy” about Byron Scott during a press conference.
  3. D’Angelo Russell obnoxiously stated “y’all haven’t seen nothing yet” to reporters after scoring his first 27-point game like a straight douchebag.


C’mon Son.

D'Angelo Russell Jordan Clarkson.png



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