The Chocolate War: Easter vs. Halloween

Which holiday do ‘Mericans spend more money on candy for: Easter or Halloween? 

Let’s imagine a random stranger came up to you on the street and asked you that question. What would you say if given only 3 seconds to respond? What answer would you give if you Easter vs Halloween.jpgwere allotted 10 seconds to respond?

With only 3 seconds to respond, I’d say Halloween. With 10 seconds to respond, I’d say Halloween. Hell, if I was given a full minute to respond, I’d say Halloween. 


Turns out, Americans spend more on candy for Easter than for Halloween. According to Forbes, consumers were projected to spend $2.4 Billion on candy for Easter 2016. In contrast, people spent $200 Million less on candy during Halloween 2015 with $2.2 Billion. 

This was pretty shocking to me. I mean, Easter is all about finding those freaking Easter eggs and that Jesus dude that rose from the dead. Now, Halloween… Halloween is a holiday where kids specifically dress up so they can go home to home pillaging Americans for their Snickers’ and Milky Way’s. I mean, I get that people buy jelly beans and some chocolates bunnies for Easter. But c’mon son, thats just for your own family and friends. For Halloween, people have to buy candy for not only their family and friends, but a bunch of random-ass strangers that show up to their homes in ancient ritualistic apparel. 

But who knows? Maybe there’s a bunch of weird sociopathic whackos out there that drop hundreds of dollars ever year on those shitty freaking Peeps.

Peeps Candy.jpg


And you know it boy.


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