ICYMI: Trump Campaign Manager Arrested for Battery Charges

Nope…you read that correctly. You probably thought the title was so outrageous it couldn’t actually mean how you interpreted it. Maybe it was referring to Trump’s campaign manager charging some batteries? Uhhhh not even son. Just when you thought shit surrounding the Donald Trump presidential campaign couldn’t get more ludicrous, this happened:
Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was arrested by Jupiter Donald Trump Campaign ManagerFlorida police on charges of battery. The arrest came after Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields reported that she was physically accosted by Lewandowski. According to Fields’ police complaint, Lewandowski “manhandled” her. Once this shit hit the fan yesterday morning, the circus really kicked-off. Here’s the most straight forward  sum-up of went down between Trump, Fields, and Lewandowski:
  1. Fields approached Trump for an interview in an open space with other journalists. 
  2. Trump gave an indication that he was not interested in talking to Fields. 
  3. Lewandowski did a fucking b-line to Fields, and ultimately put his hand on her shoulder as he tried to remove her from the situation. 
Multiple photos and videos back up these 3 facts. However, the images do not explain exactly what was said, and how aggressively anyone’s actions were implemented.
For hours yesterday, the Trump campaign and dissenters argued back and forth, in a rather childish manner (what a surprise) regarding what actually happened and what actions Trump will take.
First, Trump denied that his campaign manager was arrested in the first place. Once Lewandowski  was forced to turn himself in, Trump acknowledged that while there is an ongoing issue, he is standing by Lewandowski. This a fucking wild for 2 reasons:
#1 – In the current 21st PC climate that forces public figures to walk on eggshells verbally, 99.99% of people in Trump’s position would have fired their campaign manager on the spot, regardless of the actual facts. Ironically, the guy who is known for the phrase, “you’re fired”, refused to budge.
#2 – While it’s interesting that Trump wasn’t too quick to pull the trigger on Lewandowski (a sign of discretion?), it makes one wonder just what the fuck could ever get Trump to budge from a certain position and break his existing thought process. While facts still remain up in the air, it’s fucking nuts that Trump so intensely defended Lewandowski when all he had to do was stay neutral and state he wouldn’t comment until all the facts are out. Trump’s thought process and actions lend credence to the idea that a Trump presidency will be as crazy, ignorant, and stubborn as most of his campaign has been.
Ok, back to what went down yesterday:
The following things occurred following Trump’s initial claim that he would not be dismissing Corey Lewandowski:
  1. Trump stated video evidence showed no physical altercation between Lewandowski and Fields (proven false).
  2. Trump stated the only reason Lewandowski got involved because Fields first grabbed Trump (“he did it first!”)
  3. Trump stated that Fields’ pen could’ve been mistake for a bomb and that Lewandowski acted appropriately.
  4. Fields released a on Breibart statement regarding what went down.
  5. Fields shares a photo that appears to show bruises on her arm that she is claiming came from Lewandowski’s actions.
  6. Fields resigned from Breitbart (not ironic given Breitbart’s heavy support of Trump)
Michelle Fields Bruises.png
We’ll post some more incoming facts and personal thoughts on this issue going forward as it doesn’t seem the issue will be going away anytime soon.
Regardless of how you may feel at this moment, there’s a simple rule to live by as a man if you want your life to be easier: do not touch a woman in a way that you wouldn’t want your mother or sister touched. If you abide by that mantra, you’ll most likely go through life without even coming close to the fringes of inappropriate physical contact with a woman. 

Lewandowski shown grabbing Fields’ shoulder 

Trump is not my favorite. However, I respect and desire a new breed of leaders that go against the establishment grain that’s slowly ruined American politics over the past 2 years. That said, a guy that straight up contradicts obvious facts that are shown in video evidence just might not be the right guy to usher in a new era of governance in America.

We out here.




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