Bernie Sanders Riding A Pacific Tidal Wave of Primary Votes

ICYMI: Bernie Sanders rode a freaking tubular Pacific tidal wave this past weekend in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington. The Brooklyn Brawler cleaned house on March 26th with dominating wins against Hillary Clinton in all 3 states. Sanders’ triple victory in the Pacific region was reminiscent of previous American heroes riding Pacific tidal waves to victory.

Johnny Tsunami.jpg

Just kidding. Back to the the real conversation…

Here’s what was up for grabs on March 26th for the Democratic primaries: 

  1. Alaska: 16 Delegates
  2. Hawaii: 25 Delegates
  3. Washington: 101 Delegates

In a rather surprising turn of events, Bernie Sanders swept the caucuses in all 3 states and had a rare opportunity to stunt on his opposition. Bernie came away with 81.6% of the Alaskan vote, 69.8% of the Hawaiian vote, and 72.7% of the Washington vote. That’s straight up domination folks. Talk about swinging past your knees. 

Democratic Primaries March 26th.png

As we’ve highlighted continuously over the past month, Bernie Sanders basically has no chance of winning the nomination outside of his opponent being indicted by federal authorities (which is an absurd in itself). Bernie has refused to directly attack Hillary and her track record and done exactly what Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has told him to do. If he actually tried to win, this 3-state sweep might have actually meant something. Instead, it’s just a minor setback for The Hilldabeast and her stampede of sycophants.

Democratic Delegate Count.png


That said, I would love to see Bernie Sanders keep this winning streak going. Lord knows what the fuck could happen if the Democratic voters turn out hardbody for Bernie over Hillary throughout the April primaries. If so, we could see some super-delegates actually switch over to Bernie Sanders (while Loretta Lynch coincidentally decides to indict Hillary?). We’d love to see that, but in reality…





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