Andrew Caspersen: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Yo! The financial and criminal justice industries were blindsided with a seriously shocking development this morning. As the New York Times has highlighted, Andrew Caspersen, 39, was arrested this morning for securities fraud. Caspersen, a Hahhvahhd Law graduate, has been accused of defrauding multiple institutional investors out of over $95M. Compare to the ever-shady major players like Madoff and Corzine, Caspersen is a super young finance guru(?) whose career has existed mostly post-Wall-Street-wild-wild-west. usually guys that get nabbed for crazy white-collar fraud have harnessed and perfected their scams as financial regulations have tried their best to catch up to the Jesse Jackson’s of the industry. So how did he do it?

Well it turns out Caspersen only conceived and began this Newman/Redford-esque scheme last summer. I don’t know about you, but with white-collar investigations at all-time highs in the finance industry, plotting a new financial scam right now seems like REALLY SHITTY TIMING. Seriously, kid. Unless Caspersen’s entire career has been built on lies that got him to this point (extremely well-paid and highly-respected), what the fuck is this mofo doing trying to jeopardize his career? Is this dude seriously that greedy? Wouldn’t you be satisfied with your millions of LEGALLY-EARNED money? I guess not….

Anyway, here’s a quick bullet-point recap of the fraud that unfolded after Caspersen hatched the plot less than a year ago:

  1. As a partner at the private equity firm Park Hill Group, Caspersen raised capital from institutional investors under the false pretense that he would be investing the money in various funds or projects.
  2. In order to raise the capital, Caspersen went as far as inventing fake investors, setting up fake email addresses, and establishing false online domain names. 
  3. The money that Caspersen raised was never utilized through a private equity investment. Instead, Caspersen straight up took the money and ran. 

Talk about a ballsy-ass scheme! Unfortunately or Big Andy, the SEC is becoming less stupid by the day. However the fraud itself wasn’t necessarily the biggest choker of the day, believe it or not.



It turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. How you might ask? well it turns out Caspersen’s father, Finn, was a highly successful Hahhvahhd graduate that was the center of a criminal-finance investigation himself. Back in 2009, Finn M Caspersen capped himself in the dome in a socking turn of events. Initially people thought the suicide was due to Caspersen’s ongoing battle with cancer. In reality, Caspersen was the center of a $100MM criminal tax evasion case and decided to bail on his human body carrying his evil soul and say “peace out” to planet Earth. 

Seems like both Caspersen’s will go down for effectively stealing approximately $100MM each. What a proud family tradition!


Andrew Caspersen


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