What The Fuck Are The Saints Doing?

What the fuck are the Saints doing? 

In case you missed it, Sean Payton agreed to sign a 5-year/$45MM extension that the New Orleans Saints offered him yesterday (because Sean Payton isn’t a moron). This will keep Payton on NAWWLENS’ books through the year 2020…

Ummmm, what?

Weren’t these motherfuckers thinking about trading Payton for scraps a few months ago?!?!?

Listen, I’m not Sean Payton hater by any means. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I’m super jelly that Dallas let Sean Payton get away and didn’t ensure he’d be Parcells’ successor (as Bill desired). Payton had success as Dallas’ Offensive Coordinator and I have no doubt that he and Romo would have brought the fucking ruckus on a weekly basis.

Sean Payton Cowboys


But let’s be real for a hot second: Are the Saints fucking crazy? 

Sean Payton has led the New Orleans Saints to a measly-ass record of 7-9 the past two seasons. On top of that, Payton has never led NAWWLENS to back-to-back NFC South Division Titles. I mean… the NFC South ain’t the god damn NFC West from 2 years ago. No, this is the fucking division that sent its winner to the playoffs 2 years ago with a 7-8-1 record. On top of that, the N.O. Super Bowl was now over 7 years ago. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s like 1-year’s worth of dog-years. Meaning, it’s been a while (actually, that analogy blew but I’m too lazy to delete it).

The cherry on top? Payton’s teams have consistently had the shittiest of shitty defenses and will trot out an aging Drew Brees going forward. And lord knows that Drew Brees is past his prime.

At the end of the day, the New Orleans Saints decided they wanted to have Sean Payton as Head Coach for 15 years after signing him through 2020. Considering their shitty performance as of late, and the fact that they almost traded Payton, NAWWLENS BE WILIN’ THE FUCK OUT RIGHT NOW. Best of luck with that, chief.

C’mon Son.

Saints Suck






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