The Browns Are About To Do Exactly What the Redskins Did To RG3

The Browns are about to do EXACTLY what the Redskins did to Robert Griffin III.

ICYMI: The Cleveland Browns signed RG3 to a 2-year/$15MM contract this week. Whether it was the Hue Jackson’s appeal to Griffin or the fact that there weren’t any other attractive suitors, Robert Griffin decided to sign with the most consistently cursed/underachieving franchise in the history of the NFL (the Lions are a close second).

Regardless, we ain’t about to delve into the classic stylo shitty question of “Is this better for Cleveland or Griffin?”.

The real issue is the fact that RG3 just voluntarily signed with a franchise that will most likely put Griffin in the EXACT SAME POSITION AS THE REDSKINS DID. 

Quick recap: after trading a shitload of assets to move up to the #2 pick in the 2012 draft to nab RG3, the Redskins decided to draft Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins in the 4th round. That fucked shit up, to say the least. Following Griffin’s phenomenal rookie campaign, Cousins was given the reigns after his counterpart’s injuries. In a weird, bizarre, and surprising series of events, RG3 went from Washington folk hero to a backup

Washington Redskins v St Louis Rams

 (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

QB hated by his team and coaches. It’s been previously highlighted by NFL and Washington media that having Cousins as a backup fucked with Griffin’s head and synthetically created a problem for DC’s new franchise quarterback out of thin air.

Jump back to this week: Cleveland has the 2nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Browns are have been projected to take Goff or Wentz at the QB position with the #2 pick by numerous “draft experts”. So let’s operate under the assumption that these douchebag “experts” know what they’re talking about….

Cleveland is about to do the same shit to Griffin that DC did to him with Cousins. The Browns are going to put RG3 in a position where he immediately feels threatened by his backup quarterback, while simultaneously giving their fanbase a reason to call for change when Griffin potentially struggles early on. Honestly, you couldn’t think of a dumber situation to put yourself in. I get that Hue Jackson is a “quarterback whisperer” of sorts. But I don’t know if that’s worth potentially putting yourself in the same shitty situation (alliteration, bruh) that you just escaped from in Washington. If the Browns are dumb enough to take a QB with the #2 pick (and the Browns are quite dumb), RG3 ain’t gon be happy.

Who the fuck knows where shit will go with RG3 in Cleveland. But don’t be surprised if a serious deja vu goes down in Cleveland over the next 2 years.

Buckle Up. It’s Gon Get Bumpy.


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