Record Turnout In Utah Primaries? Not So Fast

The 2016 Presidential Primary Season has been an insane roller-coaster of a process that has included: significant support for a socialist, misogynistic commentary, FBI investigations, name-calling, and straight up lies, among other things.

One of the more interesting turn of events this election season has been voter turnout. Voter turnout thus far has been at record-high levels in many states that have already voted. Although Democratic primaries have broken some previous records, this is mainly due to Republican enthusiasm. GOP voter turnout has shattered previous records of some states already (including Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas), a trend that doesn’t have an end in sight.

In fact, primary voters broke records in Utah this week as Democrats and Republicans both took to the polls. 

Or so we thought…. 

Here’s some interesting info, according to

“Even though Republicans and Democrats reported record numbers of Utahns participating in Tuesday’s caucuses, 53 percent more votes were cast in the 2008 presidential primary, the last time there were contested races for both parties.

Put another way, nearly one-third of active registered voters went to the polls eight years ago compared with 22.5 percent who made their presidential preference known Tuesday.”

That’s some wild shit, folks. I would be VERY interested to find out if the same kind of underlying stats exist for other “record-breaking voter turnout” in other states. Maybe if South Park Mormonsthe days start to have 48 hours in them instead of 24 hours, I’ll have time to do some real-deal research on that.

KSL also mentions that Mitt Romney (famous mormon; nice jawline) kind-sorta-maybe predicted this would happen in Utah:

“Just over a year ago, Mitt Romney warned Utah leaders that the state GOP’s decision to switch from a presidential primary to a party-run caucus election was “a bad decision” that would limit voter turnout.”

There you have it folks.


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