Did Nike Miss Out On $14BN By Not Signing Steph Curry?

Did Nike Miss Out On $14BN By Not Signing Steph Curry?

As I’m sure many of you already know (considering it was apparently ESPN’s most-read “long form” piece in a single day ever), Nike shit the bed when trying to sign Steph Curry to an endorsement deal during the Summer of 2013. At that point Curry was an All-Star caliber player (he was hailed as the biggest snub of the 2013 game), but he wasn’t anywhere near the game-changing sensation he is now. But as detailed by Ethan Strauss, Nike didn’t exactly try too hard to recruit Curry while also insulting him on multiple levels. As a result, Curry eventually landed with Under Armour. Definitely check out the article if you haven’t yet. It’s pretty crazy.

According to Strauss’ recent comments on ESPN Radio, Nike could have basically locked up Steph Curry for just under $4MM a year. That seems like a bargain when compared to deals like Nike’s recent $500MM life-time contract with LeBron James. But just how big of a bargain was it? Well….

According to Morgan Stanley, Steph Curry could be worth up to $14 BILLION to Under Armour!

That’s a fucking 3500% RETURN. Then again, that is operating under the assumption that Step Curry becomes a cultural sensation similar to Michael Jordan (we will see…). 

Stay Tuned.

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