Daily Reminder That Hillary Clinton Is Full Of Shit

Daily reminder for y’all that the flip-flopper, pathetic panderer, focus-group groupie, Hillary Clinton is absolutely full of shit.

In my mind, the true definition of a “Career Politician” is someone that has consistently changed his/her views and opinions not due to transforming views, but due to desires of career advancement and attaining as much power as possible. “Hillary Clinton” is the perfect synonym to “Career Politician” in this instance. 

Here’s what The Hilldabeast had to say in response to the barbaric attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorists:


Oh, really, Hillary? You want us to be “smart”. C’mon son. 

“H” is calling for America to respond to violent barbarians by being “smart”, as she would say. I mean, that’s not wrong…. because saying that you have to respond to RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM in a “strong” and “smart” fashion is like saying “the sky is blue” and “the grass is green”.

No fucking shit, Hillary. But you know what else is “smart”? Not sending hundreds of emails containing classified and material information regarding US military strategies as Secretary of State through not only a private email address (which is what most of the MSM focuses on), but on a PRIVATE SERVER (the real issue).

Forreal, there are currently 22 emails that Hillary Clinton sent as Secretary of State through her PRIVATE SERVER that were deemed so confidential that even the average American couldn’t read it. Hmm… I wonder if highly-skilled hackers from Iran, China, and Russia would have been interested in taking a peek through this unsecured server to read information that fellow Americans aren’t even privileged to read.

You’re a fucking imbecile if you don’t think Hillary knowingly broke the law by setting up a personal server. You’re a fucking imbecile if you don’t think that Hillary’s server wasn’t hacked multiple times based on the rampant international hackings of multiple heavily secured IT systems of Fortune 500 companies.



Hillary Clinton Is A Liar


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