Charts, Bruh: Easter Spending At All Time Highs

Peep this chart, bruh:

Easter Spending 2016.gif


Americans will spend more on Easter this year than ever before. As you can see in the chart above, US consumers will spend almost a billion dollars more on Easter festivities in 2016 than in 2015. Compare that to the start of the decade, and consumers have increased retail spending for Easter by 33%!

What the fuck is good with this, fam? I was always under the assumption that Easter was the Christian holiday that held the most religious significance, but I didn’t know that meant Americans went apeshit at Wal-Mart and Party City for it. I mean, Christmas got the trees, the lights, the stockings, the cookies, the chocolates, and motherfuckin’ Santa Claus. Halloween got the pumpkins, the pies, the candy, and the costumes. But Easter? FUHHHGETTTABBOTTTIT.

Here’s another fun Easter-spending chart courtesy of eMarketer, bruh:

Easter Spending 2




Funny Bunny.jpg


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