ICYMI: Ted Cruz Scoops Utah as Trump’s Lead Grows

Shit went down in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah earlier this week as Americans took to voting booths to voice their choice for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations. As we mentioned yesterday, the DNC had primaries in all 3 states while the RNC had primaries in Arizona and Utah. Sorry for not providing this info yesterday along with that post…. I got ma drank on a little bit and had to slay my girl a couple times, nam sayin? 

Anyway….. Republican voters showed up to vote in Arizona and Utah on Monday. The Trump vs CruzMarch 22nd didn’t represent the YUGE implications that Super Tuesday and the March 15th primaries had. More so, the primaries on Monday served to provide a better view of just how close Trump will get to the necessary delegates to win the nomination before the Republican Convention. Voters had to decide whether they wanted to assist The Donald in getting close to the eventual nomination, or if they want wanted to jump on the coattails of the 1 candidate left that has a chance, Ted Cruz. Here’s what was on the line going into the March 22nd GOP primaries:

  1. Arizona: 58 Delly’s 
  2. Utah: 40 Delly’s 

Trump came away with all 58 in Arizona while Cruz scooped up Utah’s 40 delegates. 

Basically, Trump did enough to still potentially win the nomination outright by the time the convention rolls around in Cleveland, while Cruz did enough to keep his distant dream of winning the nomination alive. 

We expected Trump to pick up Arizona’s delegates with relative ease as the GOP voters in AZ are very passionate about illegal immigration. On the other hand, Cruz caught us a bit off-guard with his solid win in Utah. I guess them mormons aren’t totally down with the bombast and rhetoric of Trump. Then again, I would’ve thought the non-evangelical voters of Utah would be potentially turned off by Cruz’s hardcore religious statements.

Peep the current delegate count following the March 22nd Republican Presidential Primaries: 

GOP Delegate Count March 22nd


Oh yeah, did we mention that somehow John Kasich is still around? Why the fuck hasn’t this guy dropped out yet? Johnny Boy needs to realize that the GOP most likely will not give him the nomination even in the most bizarre of contested conventions. The Kasich Campaign is basically lighting money on fucking fire, because everything spent will be a complete waste. Unreal.

We Out Here.




A recent picture of John Kasich burning money on the campaign trail. 


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