Shit Went Down in AZ, ID, and UT Last Night For The Dems

Yo: Shit went down in the Arizona, Idaho, and Utah presidential primaries last night. 

First off, apologies that we didn’t give you a quickie yesterday in terms of a presidential primary primer, the TRIPLE P. Now that we have that outta the way….

Did we mention that shit went down in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah last night? Well we did. Democratic primary voters from all 3 states took to the voting booth while Republican primary voters only voted in Arizona and Utah last night.

This is what was on the line for The Hilldabeast and The Brooklyn Brawler last night:

  1. Arizona (75 Delegates)
  2. Idaho (23 Delegates)
  3. Utah (33 Delegates)

In a surprising turn of events, Bernie Sanders won Idaho and Utah while nearly splitting with Hillary in Arizona. Whenever it seems that the Clinton campaign is ready to put the final nail in Sanders campaign’s coffin, Bernie bounces back.

March 22nd Democratic Results

Unfortunately for all of the passionate and excited Sanders supporters, Bernie Sanders isn’t trying to win the nomination. As we’ve mentioned countless times, if Bernie actually wanted to win the nomination he would’ve attacked Hillary Clinton and her hundreds of flaws, and not allow her to slowly seep into the nomination. If he had, Sanders most definitely would’ve picked up more delegates at this point and the race would actually still matter. Instead, Sanders made his bed with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and is in a race that he basically cannot win mathematically. 

Funny Bernie Sanders

“Oh no no no child, I am not actually trying to win the nomination”

Peep the current Democratic Delegate Count following the 3 primaries in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah:

Current Delegate Count March 22nd.png



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