Quote of the Day: Dennis Miller on Twitter

No son, this ain’t some post to make you feel better about your sorry-ass life. We already have Motivational Moments with Ahnnie Schwarzenegger if you need some uplifting and inspiration material. No Filter Network’s “Quotes of the Day” will strictly focus on bosses exemplifying their boss nature while providing interesting, introspective, and pithy statements. So no, we will not be quoting Gandhi about how you should co-exist with your fellow humans in a more harmonic way.


Instead, we’re strictly providing quotes that bring that heat, and spit that real.

For Today’s Quote of the Day, we have Dennis Miller, who was on The Dan LeBatard Dennis-Miller-SNL.jpgShow with Stugotz yesterday. FYI, Miller is a +30-year comedian who has worked in various media industries ranging from professional sports to national politics. Regardless of how smug you think Miller is, or how much you disagree with his views, it’s impossible to say dude isn’t smart as hell.

Anyway, peep this shit:

“Never have lives less lived been more chronicled”.

As someone that fucking loves Twitter, I can’t help but love and absolutely agree with what Dennis Miller has to say about Twitter. I consider myself a relatively productive person and positive contributor to society. But even I contemplate from time to time whether or not I’m wasting my time following breaking news and interesting opinions online. While the quote made me feel kind of shitty as a relative fan of The Twitterati, I can’t help but respect and applaud this quote.


Dennis Miller MNF.png


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