Nike Launches Dem Self-Lacing Sneakers

Nike Launches New Self-Lacing Sneakers

It’s been a few years now that people in-and-out of the shoe game have been speculating about Nike’s potential release of “Back To The Future II Shoes”. In case you just hopped out the DeLorean (an analogy that itself comes from BTTF), Marty McFly traveled 30-years into the future in Back To The Future II where he rocks a fresh pair of futuristic Nike high-tops. While the trippy sci-fi aesthetics of the sneakers were memorable, the Nike’s that Marty rocked became a pop-culture phenomenon due to their self-lacing capabilities. Peep the clip below from BTTF II where the fictional futuristic sneaks are on display:

The hype surrounding these fictional sneakers ultimately became a common conversation as America marched on into 2015 (the year that Marty traveled to in the BTTF film). In homage to the 30-year anniversary of the Back To The Future Trilogy debut (a top-5 trilogy I might add), Nike released a collector’s edition pair of kicks that resembled Marty’s sneaks from the film. Peep the limited release right hurrr:

Back To The Future Nikes.png


Now it turns out that Nike is planning to make the self-lacing feature a mainstay of a mass-produced line, the first of its kind. This week Nike announced the launch of the “HyperAdapt 1.0”. The shoe company is referring to the feature as “power lacing” (of course they are). According to CNBC, Nike has spent about 10 years securing different patents and copyrights to have exclusive capabilities to produce this type of sneaker.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0.jpg


Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 2


While this might seem a bit shticky, Nike could be on to something really YUGE. During the press releases, Nike highlighted that it is a “step toward the future of adaptive performance”. From the looks of it, it seems this might be just a first step in a potential revolution of sneaker technology. It seems Nike’s goal is to build-off the self-lacing capability and have shoes that automatically shift and adapt to an athletes foot and movements. Basically:



Marty McFly Nikes.jpg


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