“Global Warming” Is Whatever You Want It To Be

Listen: I’m never going to be one of these hardcore conservative fuckboi’s that are stupid enough to think that humans and their day-to-day 21st century activities don’t have Global Warming Photoan impact on the global environment. That’s an obvi fact, son. Humans should act accordingly

That said, I think it’s absurd/scary that the masses freak the fuck out if you don’t think America should be giving away billions of dollars to 3rd-world countries in order to solve “global warming”, while not enacting any strict rules for the spending of that money (chyeah son, check it out). Also, I don’t think it’s appropriate or constitutional to absolutely destroy specific well-established American companies in a successive blitzkrieg of regulations, taxes, and fines when the companies haven’t prepared financially or strategically for immense governmental actions. This also seems super unjust when you juxtapose it next to energy efficient companies like those of Elon Musk (Tesla, Solar City), who save billions of dollars a year through governmental subsidies.

Basically, I’m all for being proactive about protecting future generations from detrimental climate change. But considering how long it takes for these types of things to occur in Mother Nature, I think the regulations, taxes, fines, and drawbacks should be implemented in an equally slow and modest fashion.

Anyway, now you know where I stand on a subject that you most likely don’t think about on a day to day basis (don’t worry, I do enough thinking about it for all y’all).

The fun thing about “global warming” and what it represents is that the people that champion “global warming” don’t know what it is themselves. As you’ll find throughout the wonderful apparatus known as the World Wide Web, “global warming” has been referred to the following different things over the past few decades:

  1. Global Cooling 
  2. Global Warming
  3. Global Climate Disruption
  4. Climate Change


So yeah. There’s that. Here’s a fun chart showing the recent evolution as politicians and media folks alike have slowly transitioned (unknowingly involuntarily) from “global warming” to “climate change” in their vocabulary).

Climate Change Wording.jpg


Big If True (joking)…




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