What’s At Stake For the Dems Tonight, Holmes?

Yo! What the fuck is good with the Democratic Presidential Primaries going down tonight?

(you might be asking…?)

Well lemme break it down for y’all. As we mentioned in our GOP version of this post, March 15th IS THE REAL SUPER TUESDAY. The Real Slim Shady (March 15th) is the true Tuesday of all Tuesdays. This is manly due to the swing state statuses of Ohio and Florida. Along with OH and FL, Americans from Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina took to the community centers and local Chic Fil A’s to cast their votes in the Democratic Primaries. While Florida and Ohio are the big sexy states, Illinois brings that heat with 156 delegates and NORRRRR CAROLINA is no slouch with 107 delegates. Basically, Hillary can make this bitch signed, sealed, and delivered tonight.

However in the Democratic race, March 15th has way less implication compared to the Republicans. The GOP has twice as many candidates active in the race vs. the Dems and has 2 candidates with their home states voting tonight.

We’ve mentioned countless times here on No Filter Network: Bernie blew it by not seizing his peak momentum that occurred about 35 days ago. After strong showings in northern states, The Brooklyn Brawler didn’t do enough to tame The Hilldabeast in the grassy plains of the south.

Young Bernie and Young Hillary


Whatever. Fuck em, Ye. Here’s what’s on the line tonight in terms of delegates (780!!!) and the current delegate count for Bern-Bern and “H”. 

  1. Florida: 246
  2. Illinois 182
  3. Missouri 71
  4. North Carolina 122
  5. Ohio 159


Democratic Delegates March 15th.png






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