March 15th Primary-Palooza Results: Dems

Can you hear it? Hmmm, sounds like hooves? Uh oh. They’re getting louder…..

Ughhhhh. The Hilldabeast stampede has increased in momentum and has now trampled everything in its path. Bernie never stood a chance, but THE REAL SUPER TUESDAY that went down yesterday confirmed this fact. Super-Delly’s (Super Delegates) aside,  it was pretty well known that Hillary could lock up the Democratic Presidential nomination on March 15th.

Well, folks, it seems that multiple federal investigations, a horrific track-record, and an excruciating croaky voice, will not keep Hillary Clinton from advancing to the general election stage of the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Clinton swept all 5 states, (Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio) and won in relatively dominating fashion. Clinton won multiple states by +10% and managed to squeeze out a win in Missouri, where we predicted that Bernie Sanders would have a strong. Short of a federal indictment (totally on the table, and don’t worry, we will get into this later), the nomination is for The Hill-Billie family.

While Bernie Sanders has delivered some legit shockers in the polls and primaries during DNC March 15th Results.pngthis primary season, he never had a chance with the strategy that he employed (non-confrontational / unwilling to bring up the serious flaws of his opponent). I mean I’m not trying to diminish Bernie… he brought serious energy to the primary season while providing some unique / “shake up the system” views (albeit socialism). Sanders built a legitimate coalition and will have loyal national supporters until the day he dies. That said….

At the end of the day, all of this will all be for Bernie Sanders just getting a nice, pretty, center-stage speaking time at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. National Convention’s are a great place for newcomers to make their name known and for old-timers to cement their legacy. Everything going forward will be Bernie merely setting up his potentially epic Convention speech. Whateva son. On to the next one.

Peep the updated delegate count following last night’s March 15th Primaries. 


DNC Delegates March 15th.png





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