J.J. Watt is a Corny Ham Sandwich (Part 1)

J.J. Watt really grinds my gears, man. The dude is a total ham for the camera and the spotlight. J.J. gets a major boner anytime he’s able to yuck if the fuck up in front of millions of Americans on TV. Watt is the epitome of a phony fuckface. I don’t like phony fuckfaces. Neither should you.

The perfect example of JJ fronting on America like no other: Watt describing the following cabin of his as “minimalistic” while saying “There’s no frills… it’s just an empty space and a log cabin and snow“.

JJ Watt Cabin Deadspin.jpg

JJ Watt Garage Deadspin.jpgJJ Watt Cabin 2 Deadspin.jpg


Yeah, maybe if “minimalistic” means “my garage is bigger than 99% of every other American’s fucking entire property”. Classic style JJ TWAT. GTFO.

Anyway… here’s the most recent example of J.J. TWATT being a Corny Ham Sandwich:



JJ Watt Ham Sandwich

Left: JJ Watt during the 2015 NFL Season. Right: J.J. Watt posing in front of a camera. 




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