Awww, Poor Little Marco

Poor Little Marco, is right. 


Marco Rubio shit the bed.

There, I said it. Marco Rubio shit the fucking bed. Rubio thought that his cookie-cutter image and “future of the GOP” mantras would easily propel him to the Republican Nominee from a field full of 15+ candidates. Instead of actually taking part in a hard-working campaign where he could connect with voters on a grassroots level via town halls and the like, Rubio openly declared that he would run a “national campaign“. Rubio basically decided he would run a campaign via massive advertisements and through strong debates. Instead, Rubio failed to connect to voters and got kamikazied by Chris Christie

Stupidly, the Rubio Campaign thought that his excellent public speaking skills and youthful image would be enough to appeal to both Republican and Democratic voters. Rubio’s camp didn’t account for the pure anger/frustration that both parties’ voters have toward the current status quo. Rubio’s camp also didn’t account for a little something that the folks call “The Donald”.

As we mentioned following the March 8th Primaries, Rubio is fucking toast.

Little Marco failed to rack up any additional delegates during the primaries in Hawaii,

Sad Marco Rubio

It doesn’t get more fake-happy than this, folks.

Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi. The only “victory” that the Rubio Campaign has experienced the past few weeks was a victory in the only primary that is held in a place that’s not even a fucking US state (Puerto Rico). 

When Rubio fails to deliver, finally hits the breaking point, and falls on his face when failing to win his own state of Florida tomorrow, expect Rubio to withdraw his candidacy for the Republican Nomination. Rubio has pretty much destroyed any chance he has at additional donor support and will have negative-infinity momentum following a heartbreaking loss in Florida. 

Cheer up Marco…. there’s always 2020….



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