You’re NOT ALLOWED to complain about Trump if you haven’t been paying attention to the last 7 years.

Over the next few months I guarantee you’ll see a bunch of phonies trying to front on you hardbody. Specifically, you’ll see “introspective” posts on Facebook and “think-pieces” on culture-sites sounding the alarm about Donald Trump.

“Trump is terrible for America.”

“Trump is going to start World War III.”

“Trump is a monster.”

But here’s the thing: WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?

Seriously though, let’s start out with the obvious. Where have you been the past 9 months? Have you read the polls? Have you taken note of the unprecedented media coverage? Have you seen the record attendance at political rallies?

The people that laughed off Trump from the start screwed themselves. They underestimated not only Trump’s political deft, but also Trump’s ability to connect to the core emotions of voters (both good and bad… Seriously, no one doesn’t have an opinion of Trump. In 99% of all cases, an American’s feelings toward Trump exist on the polar extremes of the Love-Hate-Scale). But at this point, the major players in and out of DC have all realized this thang is forreal. Hell, Mitt Romney came out of a 3-year hiatus to perform a political version of “Hit Em Up” directed at The Donald.


Yet somehow there’s new people everyday sounding the alarm and complaining about Trump and what his phenomenon means for America. These will people front as intellects that think they know what’s best, while in reality they’re just waking up. That’s because people that are JUST STARTING to go on cute little political tirades on Facebook are most likely one of the following:

  1. People that only listen to what they’re told by big “reputable” brands such as The New York Times, CNN, and MSNCB.
  2. People that are only talking about politics because they know it’s the soup du jour of 2016 pop-culture and they want some attention. 
  3. People that’ve historically said things like “I don’t care about politics”.
  4. People that’ve literally had their heads in the freaking sand and think that everything is great because we have a “cool”, “young”, and “hip” president. 

#4 is an important one. Because the phenomenon and coalition that Trump has created with his brash attitude and “say it like it is” approach didn’t pop up out of nowhere. People are fucking fed up. People have been fucking fed up for a while. And no, it’s not just uneducated hillbillies that want to throw-down in the middle of a political rally. While Trump is clearly not the greatest representation of a thoughtful approach to changing the current status quo, Trump still represents the broad ideas that many educated people have felt for quite some time.

The people that don’t actually pay attention to politics and our governmental affairs on a consistent basis don’t take note of the utter ineptitude and poor decision-making of the Obama Administration. When you don’t pay attention to politics on a consistent basis, you only see Obama on either The State Of The Union or fucking The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. These are the most fluffed up, fake, and BS representations of our president and his actual performance as the POTUS. In reality, they don’t see / notice the day-to-day missteps and blunders of the current Administration. You can’t always blame these people though, as they are unaware of the fact that they are “useful idiots”.



And therein lies the problem. The people that haven’t paid any attention to the actual performance and actions of Barack Obama and his Administration don’t realize why people are so god damn angry. When people don’t realize the underlying problems and root causes of the frustration and anger, people will never realize why a certain phenomenon exists.

Holla Atcha Boy.




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