Daily Reminder That Hillary Clinton Is Full Of Shit

Daily reminder for y’all that the flip-flopper, pathetic panderer, focus-group groupie, Hillary Clinton is absolutely full of shit.

In my mind, the true definition of a “Career Politician” is someone that has consistently changed his/her views and opinions not due to transforming views, but due to desires of career advancement and attaining as much power as possible. “Hillary Clinton” is the perfect synonym to “Career Politician” in this instance. 

Here’s a fun reminder of what Hillary Clinton is all about for y’all: 


In the video above, Hillary Clinton goes on a rant about how Bernie Sanders wasn’t around to support her healthcare reforms in the early 1990’s. The video also shows, unfortunately for The Hilldabeast, that Bernie Sanders was there and eager to support healthcare reforms. In fact, HILLARY HERSELF THANKED BERNIE SANDERS FOR HIS SUPPORT. What a fucking pile a of horse shit, man. And all those ridiculous Hillary sycophants just ate it up like a bunch of warm sweet potato pie.

When politicians, and specifically Hillary Clinton, continue to spew these blatant lies I tend to think it’s a product of either their massive egos or total stupidity and poor memory. In the case of The Hilldabeast, her lies are a product of a special combination of both her massive ego and utter ineptitude. Hillary has been winging it and lying her entire political career. At this point, Hillary absolutely believes people will believe what she says so she doesn’t bother to even fact check anything before barking out another blatant lie.


2 thoughts on “Daily Reminder That Hillary Clinton Is Full Of Shit

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