Twitter Robots Think People Only Like Their Own Race

No Filter Network signed up for our very first Twitter account a couple weeks ago (WHAMMY).

In case you haven’t signed up on Twitter for the first time in a dog’s age, the Twitter robots try to help you understand the social media platform and its functionalities when you first register. In the process, the Twitter bots recommend certain accounts to follow similar to the specific account you are currently viewing.

While navigating our brand new, fancy shmancy, Twitter account (follow us bitches), I couldn’t help but notice that the recommendations the NimTwit Bots were showing me were kinda sorta maybe absolutely race-based.

Case in point:

ESPN Twitter Non-White.png


Apparently the NimTwit Bots think that because I want to follow a talented media personality such as Bomani Jones (who’s black and works at ESPN, in case you just hopped out the DeLorean), I only want to follow talented black people who work at ESPN. But yeah, small sample size… I get it.

But here’s another fun one.

ESPN Twitter White.png


Apparently if I want to follow Mike Golic, former NFL player, I most likely want to follow 3 of the whitest radio shows in the history of mankind (Russillo excluded {dude should have his own show}). I mean… at least this search went out of the “ESPN range” and highlighted Cowturd, who works for Fox. But c’mon son. This is some malarkey. The “You might want to follow these similar accounts” probably would have recommended Rush Limbaugh, Paul Finebaum, and Skip Bayless if I refreshed the page. 

Nam Sayin’?

(Is this satire?)


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