The Best Part Of College Basketball: Eating Out.

Boston College redefined Division 1 Athletics ineptitude in 2015 and 2016. BC became the first major collegiate program since World War Fucking II to go winless in conference play in both football and basketball during the same academic year. That’s freaking pathetic, folks.

If you thought there was no way to adequately represent how sad and pathetic Boston College Men’s Basketball has been over the past 5 years, YOU WERE WRONG.

See below a heartbreaking video of BC Senior and overall stand-up guy Dennis Clifford following his final game (loss) of his collegiate career. When asked what his favorite part of his college basketball experience was, Clifford couldn’t muster up a single basketball-related memory that was happy. Instead, Clifford only found solace in the likes of Pino’s Pizza and Anna’s Taqueria (“Going Out To Eat”).

I honestly don’t think there could be a better representation of the complete incompetence and ass-fuckery that the Brad Bates (BC Athletic Director) regime has unleashed on Boston College Athletics. What was once a respectable athletic program with a few exceptional years here and there, has become a complete laughing stock. Bates and all the fuckfaces associated with him (other than Steve Adazzio) should be excommunicated from BC, and while we’re at it, the Catholic Church.

Shouts to BIG CLIFF. Enjoy the rest of your senior year getting hammered and GIVING ZERO FUCKS.











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