Charts, Bruh: Your Employers Want To Know If You’re Gay

Peep this chart, bruh.

Employers and Sexuality


This chart courtesy of Bloomberg is a doozy. As I’m sure you know by now, everyone and their mother wants as much information about you as possible. Buy some new fresh kicks online, and the site will be asking you for your phone number before you even check out. Try to buy anything significant online, and the freaking retailer will be asking you for your god damn social security number before you know it. Hell, Facebook already has all of our information and sells it to companies and institutions for significant fees.

But this chart below is kind of line-stepping. That said, employers have always been habitual line-steppers


 It’s bad enough that employers and retailers usually require you to identify your gender and race. But sexual orientation? That’s on some other ish, bruh.

As you can see in the chart, is becoming increasingly common for employers to ask job candidates to voluntarily identify their sexual orientation. The amount of employers that have participated in this privacy-invading practice has increased by 30% over the past decade. Unreal. 

Fuhhhgetttabotttitt kid. Like, does the fact that some strong independent woman likes to chow down on some box change the fact that she’s qualified for her job? Does the fact that a dude likes to get down with multi-gender orgies on the reg change the fact that he’s great as his job? 

C’mon Son.
















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