The More You Know: Obamacare Penalties Double

Tax company H&R Block has indicated that the millions of people who went without enrolling in the Affordable Care Act last year are experiencing fines more than DOUBLE in size compared to what they saw last year. As PBS mentions in the link above, the fines are directly due to the Affordable Care Act that Obama and Congress recklessly passed without fully understanding the side-effects the legislation would have (see Nancy Pelosi).

For those that don’t know, the Affordable Care Act is what is almost always referred to as Obamacare. The legislation is rightly referred to Obamacare, as both the health-care law and the actions of the Obama Administration have both been:

  1. Poorly thought-out/developed. 
  2. Poorly implemented/executed.
  3. Divisive and biased to specific people. 


But wait, there’s more…. Here’s some crazy and scary recent developments regarding Obamacare courtesy of PBS. It’s not good: 

“Separately, among those who complied with the law and took advantage of its taxpayer-subsidized private health insurance, 6 in 10 are now having to pay back to the IRS some portion of their financial assistance.Those payments also are trending higher this year, averaging $579, compared with $530 last tax season.

“Exemptions are available for people with low incomes or who face other extenuating circumstances. But the law’s requirement to have coverage or risk fines remains highly Obama Middle Fingerunpopular.”

“The minimum fine went up from $95 in 2014 to $325 for the 2015 tax year. It rises again this year to $695 for an adult uninsured for a full 12 months.

“H&R Block said that means an uninsured family of four earning $60,000 will face a penalty of $975 for this year, compared with about $400 for 2015. Next year, that same hypothetical family would face a penalty of $2,000 at tax time.




The More You Know




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