Sharapova Getting Railed, Financially

Maria Sharapova is about to get bent over and railed, financially (HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVERYBODY) .

ICYMI: Maria Sharapova held a relatively sudden press conference on Monday to announce she was caught taking a banned substance that could result in a suspension from Pro Tennis. Sharapova clearly wanted to get ahead of the issue before it broke in order to give her side of the story. Maria went with the Andy Pettitte route of sorts hoping it would work out. Sharapova also had a decent explanation for why she was caught taking the drug (the substance was only banned as of 2016). 

If Sharapova is suspended for either 2 years (for accidental banned substance use) or 4 years (for intentional banned substance use), that would hurt. Sharapova would likely miss out on the remainder of her athletic prime while also missing out on cashing them tournament paychecks.

But that isn’t even a peanut in the giant shit Sharapova is about to endure. Regardless of her potential suspension, Sharapova is going to miss out on a ton of new endorsement money going forward. In fact, HUGE BRANDS such as Nike, Porsche, and Tag Heuer have already suspended/cancelled their endorsement relationship with Sharapova. That’s going to hurt the pockets big time, son. If it’s proven that Sharapova knowingly took these drugs for a significant amount of time trying to get an unfair advantage, consider her toast. Here’s some direct quotes from the major brands on the Sharapova issue:

Tag Heur: “Nahh bruh.”

Porsche: “Not evennn.”

Nike: “C’mon son.”

This is actually a blessing in disguise for these major endorsers. Sharapova is heading toward the tail-end of her career and hasn’t been relevant in terms of serious winning for quite some time. No one wants to spend a shitload of money sponsoring an athlete if they suck. If anything, Nike’s probably like “well, that was easy”. 



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