March 8th Election Results: “Of Mice and Trump”

Donald Trump has depicted himself as an outrageous blowhard for a majority of his presidential campaign. Whether it’s baiting Pope Francis into a beef, or saying that Megyn Kelly is menstruating from every orifice in her body, The Donald has been bombastic as fuck with little to no consequencesGOP March 8th votes.png

Meanwhile, the GOP and it’s arsenal of “Establishment Figures” have continued to act like a  bunch of bumbling morons that can’t get out of their own way. The GOP sabotaged itself by allowing 15 god damn candidates to run, by waiting too long to attack Trump, and by trotting out tired/recycled politicians that have repeatedly failed its voters (cough Mitt Romney cough).

Regardless of any absurd thing that comes out of Trumps mouth, the GOP’s incompetence and overall distorted view of reality has allowed The Donald to survive blunder after blunder. The utter ineptitude and lack of awareness reminded me of Lenny from Steinbeck’s classic “Of Mice and Men”. But in this case, the GOP are the mice and Trump is the man. xsimplejack.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7OZ39DiUtw.jpg

Ok… enough with my dumb / drawn-out explanation of my title. As you can see above, Trump won Hawaii, Michigan, and Mississippi pretty handedly while Ted Cruz won Idaho (I guess there is a “strong evangelical population” there?). Trump won his 3 states relatively handedly when you consider there are still 4 candidates competing for votes. All in all, Trump came away with 71 more delegates while Cruz came away with 56. “Poor Little Marco” came away with a big goose egg. As we’ve mentioned, his candidacy is basically finished.

Peep the current GOP delegate count following the March 8th Primaries. 

GOP March 8th Delegates.png




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