March 8th Election Results: Hilldabeast vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Hmmmm….. can you smell that? What a strange smell….. It almost smells, a bit, smoky? Oh wait… something is burning. I know what’s happening…. CAN YOU FEEL THE BERN?

Well you know what? If you are… YOU SHOULD’NT BE. 

Despite Bernie Sanders’ impressive (though very slim) victory in Michigan, Hillary March 8th Dem votes.pngClinton racked up nearly as many delegates as The Brooklyn Brawler (estimated to be 65 to 58 in favor of Bernie) in MI. Meanwhile, The Hilldabeast had a straight up stampede with her pack of sycophants in Mississippi grabbing approximately 29-30 of the 36 delegates. When I imagine The Hilldabeast and her stampede, I can’t help but imagine what Bernie and his honest crew of ragamuffins must feel like.

I think it’s probably something like this: 



I’m sure we’ll hear from a bunch of fuckfaces on TV speak of how this win in Michigan for the Bernie has reignited the Sanders campaign. That’s freaking stupid. The Sanders campaign is busting their ass everyday and accomplishing exactly what they want: a strong, clean, campaign. Just because Bernie wins a few states, the campaign is not going to pivot from it’s strategy. Bernie is not thinking like a shark when there is blood in the water. Most politicians would attack Hillary as he sees a potential path to the nomination. But Bernie will not. And don’t expect him to. Which is why this win in Michigan tonight isn’t the biggest deal, especially considering Hillary came away with more delegates tonight. That said, here’s some an interesting excerpt from The Atlantic reacting to the results tonight:

“But the win offers Sanders new momentum, along with two promising indicators. First, he was able to cut into Clinton’s consistent edge with black voters. Exit polls suggested Sanders won three in 10 African Americans in Michigan, his best showing so far. Second, it offers evidence that his message of fighting for blue-collar workers and opposing free-trade deals can resonate—and with Ohio and Illinois coming up on the primary calendar on March 15, he’ll soon have the opportunity to employ that message again.”

Anyway…. Peep the updated Democratic delegate count following the March 8th Primaries in Michigan and Mississippi. 


March 8th Dem Count.png



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