Charts, Bruh: Hog Values Skyrocketing

Peep this chart, bruh:

Hog Chart


WHAMMMY: Lean Hogs has been a major gainer YTD (last 12 months as of late February).

Who the hell would’ve thought that throwing a huge freaking investment in some lean-ass swine would yield a bigger payday than an investment in the god damn Dow Jones. #WATTBA (What A Time To Be Alive, for those not on fleek).

The appreciation in Gold and Silver can possibly be attributed to investors fleeing from volatile equity and debt markets. The telecom sector within the S&P has still managed to stay green despite a tough 2016 so far. I’d love to see what the gain/loss would be in 6 months. As we mentioned previously, we may see some unicorns get slaughtered and a possible chink in the tech sector’s armor.

As for the big losers show in the chart… well, they are all pretty obvious. The Natural Gas/Gas losses are no surprise. The price of oil has been pummeled the past 18-months (though it has seen a nice little bounce the past 3 weeks). The big losses in the Chinese and Japanese markets aren’t too shocking either. The Asian markets have been extremely volatile over the past 6-months with no flat portion on the roller-coaster ride in sight.

Too bad we weren’t all smart investors and threw our life-savings in the swine biz. But then again, we should have known something was up if Yoenis Cespedes ended up paying $7K for a “Grand Champion Hog”.  

Cespedes Pig 2


Nam Sayin’?



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