Ahhhhh fuck it. While we’re at it we might as well put this video up too.


So where were we? Oh yeah, BEAR WRESTLING IS BACK.

Let’s take a step back for a second…. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you didn’t know that BEAR WRESTLING ever left us? Well it turns out BEAR WRESTLING was a form of entertainment for folks in Alabama and other places just a mere few decades ago. Hell, the legendary Bear Bryant of Alabama’s football program got his name from wrestling a bear. Oddly enough (psh), BEAR WRESTLING was banned in 1996 after legislature passed making the practice illegal. However according to BEAR WRESTLING may be experiencing a renaissance in the U S of A.

Bear Wrestling


Now don’t get me wrong, I personally agree with the ban. Bears shouldn’t be held in captivity away from their natural habitat just to wrestle a bunch of hicks. If a bunch of dipshits want to go wrestle a bear, they can go scream and shout in a forrest until one shows up. I’m sure you’ll find the same result as an organized showdown….

That said, this is fuckin gnarly. I want more of it. I want to see a bunch of drunk hillbillies and assholes running around trying to not get killed by Yogi and Baloo. Here’s some fun excerpts from

“The bears — some black, some brown some grizzly — were said to be natural born wrestlers. Even professional wrestlers would often speak of their opponent’s surprising skills and moves to take down an opponent. Still most of the matches were an absurd exhibition of trying to get away from the beast in the ring.”

“Regulations, a fear over lawsuits stemming from something going terribly wrong and a heightened awareness of animal rights pretty much wiped out wrestling bears as part of professional wrestling. Here is another video of professional wrestler Kris Beyer Jones “The Destroyer” vs. Victor the Bear.”

Bear Wrestling 2.JPG


If we receive any more intel on the current BEAR WRESTLING scene, we’ll be sure to inform you immediately. 







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