Peep The Current Delegate Count Before Tonight’s Primaries

Peep the current delegate count heading into the March 8th Primaries tonight for both the Republican and Democratic Nomination Race. 

For the Dems, Bernie Sanders is coming off a relatively successful weekend where the Bernie camp snagged 3 more state victories. However, The Hildabeast scooped nearly the same amount of delegates as Sanders after only winning 1 of 4 states.

Tonight, Democratic voters from Michigan (130 delegates on the line) and Mississippi (96 delegates on the line) will cast votes for either Clinton or Sanders. Both states have a large number of delegates on the line and could be crucial in terms of Sanders getting back in the race / Hillary widening her margin of victory. I expect Sanders to win Michigan in a very close race (as both candidates have pandered to the Flint Michigan sympathizers like no other), while Hillary should win Mississippi handedly.

Dem Delegates 1



As for the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Americans from 4 different states will cast their votes tonight for who they want to see in the general election (Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi). After a rather surprising weekend, it seems Ted Cruz may be the only current candidate that has a viable chance at catching up / beating Donald Trump. This must make the Republican Establishment SOOOO BUTTTHURT. Everyone hates Ted Cruz. But you know things are bad if the Establishment is considering coalescing around someone they hate in order to slow down the phenomenon that is The Donald. 

Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 7.55.38 AM.png

“Little Marco” won’t drop out until he gets a fair shot at the Florida Primary. However, don’t be surprised if and when Rubio drops out after losing the state to none other than Donald Trump (Rubio will most likely have PTSD flashbacks of the primary for the remainder of his life). 

GOP Delegates.png


Have a nice day. WE OUT HERE.


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