Democratic Primary Results From The Weekend

Democratic voters in 4 more states casted their primary votes this weekend for either Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, The Corpse of Martin O’Malley, or The Ghost of Jim Webb. Saturday featured primaries in Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska while Sunday featured the Maine Caucus.

In a relatively surprising turn of events, Bernie Sanders won 3 of the 4 states on the line this weekend by carrying victories in Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine. As mentioned, while we were confident Sanders would continue his winning-ways in the Northeast by scooping up Maine, we had no idea what the fuck to expect in Kansas and Nebraska. Turns out, them two central states are FEELIN THE BERN.

Sanders Pot


Bernie’s victories in 3 of 4 states would suggest that Hillary Clinton had a tough weekend to the untrained eye. But you best be knowin that No Filter Network always be spittin that real. While Hillary only won 1 of 4 states, Sanders barely beat Clinton in terms of overall delegates secured.

Bernie Sanders finished with 67 delegates while Hillary Clinton finished with 64 delegates. 

Dems Kansas Primary.png

Dems Louisiana Primary.png

Dems Nebraska Primary.png

Dems Maine Primary


NEXT UP: March 8th Democratic Primaries in Michigan and Mississippi.


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