Republican Primary Results

The Republican Primaries in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine wrapped up late last night. In a not so shocking turn of events, Donald Trump added 2 more notches (Kentucky and Louisiana) to his belt. In a somewhat shocking turn of events, Ted Cruz came away with the most delegates won through state victories in Kansas and Maine. 

As for Marco Rubio, The Robot / Bubble Boy continues to flounder. After getting gubernatorial and congressional endorsements up the ass the past couple weeks, Rubio has continued to fail to generate voter support. Marco (Polo!) still only has one state victory (Minnesota) and may be facing a campaign-crisis of sorts. As the Republican Establishment continues to zero-in on destroying the phenomenon that is Trump, they may eventually feel the need to coalesce around Ted Cruz as he’s already won 6 states. Don’t be totally surprised if Rubio drops out after the March 15th primaries when a crazy number of delegates are on the line.


March 5th GOP Results.png



However, we’ve been saying all along that Trump is the most likely to come out of this group of 4 candidates. That’s not to say that he will be the eventual nominee… as there is a possibility of a brokered convention where someone such as Romney, Bloomberg, or Paul Ryan could be nominated. But then again, Cruz may continue to surprise everyone and amass more delegates. When you check out the current delegate count, it doesn’t seem impossible…

Peep this ish:

Screen shot 2016-03-06 at 6.32.35 PM.png


Meanwhile, Ben Carson is floating in outer space somewhere. Word has it the ancient aliens that actually built the Egyptian pyramids have punished Carson for his blasphemy claiming that the pyramids were built for the storage of grain.









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