What’s On The Line For Republicans Tonight?

Four states are up for grabs tonight in the race for the republican nomination. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine will hold their respective GOP primaries/caucuses this evening. The March 5th primaries are one of two stop-gaps in voting (along with March 8th) between last week’s Super Tuesday and the YUGE March 15th primaries that feature Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Peep the 155 delegates on the line for the GOP candidates: 

March 5th GOP.png


As we covered, Donald Trump is coming off a strong showing on Super Tuesday. Expect him to replicate the same results in Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana tonight. As for Maine, it’ll be interesting if Kasich or Rubio can beat him. Kasich has done pretty solid in New Hampshire and Vermont already.

Peep the current delegate count going into tonight: 


Republican Delegate Count



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