Kanye West Gets in a Fight With a Tasmanian Devil

Kanye West must have recently visited the Australian island of Tasmania, because it looks like he just escaped an epic battle with a Tasmanian Devil. Peep this exclusive photo of Kanye absolutely disheveled and wounded following his encounter with the Devil of Tasmania himself.

Kanye Ripped Jeans.png

Photo from GQ


Nah yo, forreal: Overly-aggressive ripped jeans are bad enough. But these “jeans” that Kanye has on takes it to another level. You can’t be having a pair of jeans that show more leg-skin than actual denim. I mean, I can appreciate the fact that the jeans probably provide any man with ample airflow to their balls in even the hottest of climates… But this is too much. 

Then again, Kanye may have never been to Tasmania. Maybe the $53MM in debt Kanye claims he’s straddled with is keeping him from buying a full pair of pants? Regardless:






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