ICYMI: Some Live Thoughts on Thursday’s GOP Debate

Whattup fam. Sorry I be slacking on the postability the past two days. Have no fear, it won’t happen again. We out here

Thursday’s GOP debate hosted by Fox News was an absolute shit show (and I mean that in the best way possible). One would think that as the number of candidates shrunk, these GOP debates would become more civilized and efficient. Instead, all it did was give Donald Trump more screen time to act like a freaking JABRONI.

Among other things, Rubio and Trump got in a catfight over whose hands were bigger and Trump made insinuations regarding the size of his penis.

The Republican Establishment is finally freaking the fuck out and realizing they waited too long to slow down The Donald. Rubio was in full out ROBOT-ATTACK-MODE as he tried to play hardball with Trump. Unfortunately “Little Marco”, as Donald would say, just sounded like a petulant child himself. Kasich did his usual “oh em gee why is everyone bickering, can’t we all just get along” (while in reality he is known in congressional circles as an arrogant prick that doesn’t communicate well).

Ironically, Ted Cruz was the most civilized and straight-to-the-point candidate during the debate. Cruz has some serious policy chops and isn’t your average neo-con war nut. Unfortunately, Cruz is an overaggressive religious nut. If Cruz ran a campaign with the understanding that church and state should be have clear separations, he could probably reach a larger base. Too late though now.

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