Hilldabeast and Bernie Duke It Out For 4 States This Weekend

Voters from Kansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska (March 5th) and Maine (March 6th) will take to the primaries to cast their votes for either Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, The Corpse of Martin O’Malley, or The Ghost of Jim Webb. As we mentioned previously, The March 5th primaries are one of two stop-gaps in voting (along with March 8th) between last week’s Super Tuesday and the YUGE March 15th primaries that feature Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois.

Jim Webb Funny.jpg

All in all, 109 delegates are up for grabs this weekend in the race for the Democratic nomination.

March 5th Democrats.png


Expect Bernie Sanders to win Maine easily. The Brooklyn Brawler has dominated in both Vermont, New Hampshire, and Minnesota thus far and appeals to the Northern population. Clinton should come away with Louisiana with without a sweat. The southern states are in Hilldabeast’s wheel-house and should give her a majority of the delegates. As for Kansas and Nebraska, who the fuck knows? I have no clue what will happen there.

Peep the current delegate count:


Democratic Delegate Count

Stay tuned folks, WE OUT HERE.


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