“We Suck Again”: College Basketball

College basketball blows. 


And you can blow me if you think I’m a hater for spitting that real.

The talent in CB has been crazy diluted for almost a decade now. This is mainly due to the 1-and-done environment. With many NCAA ballers going to the pros after their 1st or 2nd year (which I’m down with; these dudes should stack paper), the overall talent is weaker. On top of that, many major programs are unable to develop season-to-season chemistry with their best players basically playing through a revolving door.

Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that the game is just so significantly inferior to the NBA that it’s not even close. But we can save that for another time.

This NCAA Men’s BBall season has also resembled a revolving door in that the Top-10


Pictured above is a rare species that’s played College Basketball forever (only second to Scottie Reynolds). 

Rankings have changed on an absurd basis. Kansas was recently named the #1 team in the country and I swear, Kansas has been the #1 teams prolly like 2 or 3 other times this season. Thats wild, folks.


Proof in the pudding? Check out this awesome information courtesy of SB Nation from last month showing how no teams in College Basketball are consistently any good this year. (I believe this is symptomatic of the things we covered above): 

  1. Top ranked college basketball teams are being upset more than they have in 67 years.
  2. This is the fifth No. 1 team to fall before the month of February. The last time that happened was 1949.
  3. This is the 14th time an AP top 10 team has lost since Jan. 1.
  4. This is now the third No. 1 team to lose in the state of Iowa. Northern Iowa previously defeated No. 1 North Carolina and the Iowa Hawkeyes knocked off Michigan State earlier this season.


Flash forward a month and the amount of top teams that have lost has only grown larger.:

  1. There’s now been AN ALL-TIME HIGH 73 losses by teams ranked in the top-10 at the time this season. 
  2. There’s now been AN ALL-TIME HIGH 38 losses by teams ranked in the top-5 at the time this season.
  3. Duke lost 3 straight games to unranked opponents. 




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