Post-Super Tuesday Delegate Count

We’ve been saying for almost 2 weeks now that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have basically locked up their respective party’s nomination.

For Trump, voter passion, the MSM’s non-stop coverage, and a 15-candidate GOP race campaign-hats-600-lihave all but granted Trump the top-spot in the GOP race.

For Hillary, a semi-clumsy Sanders campaign, Sanders’ reluctance to attack his
opponent, and the Obama Administration’s pseudo-support have all but gave Hildabeast the top-spot in the DNC race. 

Unless Hillary Clinton is (rightfully) indicted by Loretta Lynch or Donald Trump is challenged by a brokered convention or 3rd party candidate, America will have a general election with the 2 insane choices of Clinton or Trump (which in a perfect society both things should happen within the next 3 months… but y’all know we can’t rely on common sense these days). 

Other Random Takeaways:

  1. Rubio won his 1st state of the primary season and basically acted like he just nailed the hottest chick on the cheerleading team. Unfortunately he only nailed a 6/10 chick with some mild acne. Not looking good for Marco unless there’s a brokered convention.
  2. Cruz won Texas which is a big deal, regardless of the fact that he HAD TO WIN HIS OWN STATE. We’ll see where Alf’s campaign goes after the March 15th primary cycle.
  3. It’s make-or-break time for Bernie Sanders…despite the fact that No Filter Network knows there is zero chance Hillary doesn’t get the nomination if not indicted. 


All that said, check out the current delegate count for both the Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries:

Democratic Delegate Count.png


Republican Delegate Count.png


And You Know It Boy.


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