Charts, Bruh: Urban Unemployment Rate

Peep this chart, bruh:

Urban Unemployment Rate.png


This chart is pretty fascinating. While it may not be a perfect statistic, urban unemployment rates can be solid indicators of the economic well-being of America’s lower-class/poverty-stricken citizens. Obviously urban areas tend to have a diverse demographic pool, but urban areas have historically been the home of a majority of America’s lower-class citizens (the discriminatory term “ghetto” comes to mind here).

Now, let’s get something straight: the official unemployment statistic produced by Uncle Sam is an extremely flawed / complete bullshit statistic. It simply does not reflect “what’s good” in America forreal (more on that later this week). 

But when you compare the urban unemployment chart with the overall unemployment chart in America, things don’t look so hot, nam sayin? Let alone the 6% spike in the urban unemployment rate over the past year, it’s exponentially grown relative to the overall employment rate’s slow (and highly manufactured) decline. 

Overall Unemployment Rate.png



This ain’t looking too hot. Expect the current developments in the urban unemployment rate to start affecting the overall unemployment rate

Buckle Up. It’s Gon Get Bumpy.


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