Charts, Bruh: OKC Thunder Shit The Bed

ICYMI: The OKC Thunder blew a 26-point 4th quarter lead tonight against the LA Clippers. Not only is that type of collapse embarrassing for any team to swallow, but this game can have a significant impact on the Western Conference seedings. 

Right now, OKC and LA are battling it out for the 3-seed (behind Golden State and San Antonio). The 3-seed is a huge deal because it means that either OKC or LA won’t have to face The Dubs until the Western Conference Finals (if they make it).

Western Conference Standings 2016.png


So considering the stakes we described, the Thunder must be super butthurt about shitting the bed like they did below. Looking for a cherry on top? The Thunder’s expected winning percentage absolutely plummeted throughout the 4th quarter like some Valeant stock. 

Peep this chart, bruh: 



Chart from Positive Residual (@presidual on Twitter)



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