Biggest Layoffs Of 2015: Spoiler Alert, Not Good

Peep this list, bruh (yeah, it’s a list so in good conscience I couldn’t label this a “Charts, Bruh”): 

2015 Layoffs


As we mentioned previously, the tech sector looks like it’s getting nice and lubed up for a serious slaughtering. When you look at the largest layoffs of 2015 though, you can see that the problematic economic symptom that is “layoffs” has proliferated throughout multiple industries. 

***Funny Sidenote: I would love to see the stock activity and sales revenue of Caterpillar for the next 2 quarters. Trump has been dropping their name big-time lately. And if you haven’t learned anything yet, Trump has defied all expectations. Hell, we may have lower middle-class Americans buying full-scale cranes and bulldozers just to support Caterpillar. 



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