Better Clippers Mascot: Chuck The Condor vs. Steve The Ballmer

The LA Clippers just debuted their first and new mascot: Chuck the Condor.

Chuck The Condor.png

Only the Clippers would do something as clownish as debuting a brand new tacky-ass mascot in the final stretches of the NBA Regular Season as they compete for critical Western Conference seeding.

Only the Clippers would try to pick some random-ass animal to be it’s mascot and dress it up as somehow being related to the Clippers because its name starts with a “C”. I mean, they might as well get a pair of hair clippers and use that as a mascot. Better yet, The Clippers should make their mascot and old semi-senile Italian barber.

Italian Barber.jpg


But in reality, we all know The Clippers should make their new mascot Steve Ballmer. Ballmer has done nothing short of making a total ass-clown of himself since buying The Clippers. But I guess you can do whatever the fuck you want when you’re THAT rich and own a basketball team. Check out Ballmer’s latest antics as well as some of his stupid shit from the past.



Steve Ballmer is the anti- Marc Cuban. How the hell did this guy become a billionaire? 

What A Time To Be Alive.


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