Super Tuesday Results: GOP

All graphs are courtesy of the NYT

What did we tell you? No matter how hard the Republican Establishment machine tries:

“Nobody puts baby (Trump) in the corner”


Trump finished Super Tuesday winning a monstrous 7 out of 11 states up for grabs and adding another notch on his belt in the form of 203 delegates.

NYT GOP Results1.png


Key Takeaways:

  1. Trump’s YUGEST victories of the night came from Massachusetts / Vermont (both relatively liberal states) and Virginia (state that Rubio was supposed to win)

  2. Cruz won his own state. WHOOPDEE-FREAKING-DOO. Alf probably would have probably dropped out of the race if he lost his home state of Texas due to delegate size and loss campaign morale.

  3. Rubio finally won a state. WHOOPDEE-FREAKING-DOO. The Rubio camp must be SO disappointed this morning.

  4. Kasich continues to show solid numbers in the northeast as he finished in 2nd in Vermont and Massachusetts. Seems like Johnny Boy’s stubborn-ass isn’t going to drop out until he gives it a go at the Ohio Primary later this month.

  5. Carson is just floating in some weird political purgatory in which his campaign can’t accept they shit the bed. This is how I picture Carson campaign conversations going:


NYT GOP Results 2.png

And you know it boy.


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