Super Tuesday Results: DNC

All graphs are courtesy of the NYT

The Hildabeast went HAM last night.

Clinton won 7 of the 11 states up for grabs last night on Super Tuesday and added 453 delegates to her campaign’s war chest. Clinton The Crony also won the 4 states with the most delegates on the line

Despite Bernie’s recent loss of momentum, Sanders came away relatively “ok” in the grand scheme of things last night (if grand scheme of things = DON’T TAKE A SINGLE SHOT AT HILLARY BECAUSE DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ AND THE DNC INSTRUCT YOU NOT TO).  The Sanders camp won 4 of the 11 states voting last night and added 284 delegates to its total. 

Super Tuesday DNC Results.png

NYT DNC Super Tuesday.png


Key Takeaways:

  1. Hillary all but locked up the the Democratic nomination last night. Clinton came up big with wins in Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Georgia (although none of these were major surprises). 
  2. At least some voters are at least pretending that Bernie has a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sanders come away with 4 victories last night in terms of keeping this dog-and-pony-show sort of interesting.  
  3. Hillary beat Bernie 50% to 49% in Massachusetts. Believe it or not, no coins were flipped and no cards were drawn to determine who won the close race
  4. Colorado is “Feeling The Bern”, if you will. 


Sanders Pot.jpg

Bernie be Burnin’






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