Solid Squabble: Van Jones and Jeff Lord

During the late hours of CNN’s coverage of Super Tuesday, Van Jones (radical instigator) and Jeff Lord (Trump sycophant) engaged in a pretty heated game of verbal chess. And as you know, “the game of chess, is like a sword fight…. you must think first, before you move”. 

The fiery feline fight revolved around the support Trump has received from racist groups like the KKK and the racial divides that exist in the USA. While both dudes are blowhard gasbags, I found the debate relatively interesting. The reason:

I imagine that some form of this argument is happening among millions of America regarding Trump, race, and America’s future right now. It’s absolutely fascinating to think that millions of people are thinking and discussing the SAME EXACT THINGS simultaneously. (Wait, is this a glitch in The Matrix?


Keanu Whoa


Anyway, check out the video below on

Although I don’t necessarily agree/disagree with everything that Jones and Lord had to say during the quick debate, I respect that they were tryna:



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