Chris Christie: The Lapdog

General-Gabagool made another appearance on the Trump campaign tonight by giving an opening speech introducing Trump after a YUGE Super Tuesday. In case you haven’t heard, Trump just might win 9 of the 11 states up for grabs on Super Tuesday.

If I told ya that 6-months ago that Trump would win the nom, you’d think I needed institutional therapy. But as we mentioned previously, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think Trump is going to win the Republican nomination (unless there is a brokered convention). The results so far out of Super Tuesday have solidified this fact.


Chris Christie looked like a fat fuckin’ LAPDOG standing behind Donald Trump tonight as The Donald took a “victory lap”. Christie is full of shit. He shat on Trump repeatedly over the past months for a variety of reasons. But as fatboy saw his political career dying before his eyes, he latched onto the coattails of the most insane/crazy political phenomenon of modern politics.

Forreal: Christie seemed absolutely pathetic tonight. I guess General-Gabagool figured everyone already hated him because he’s a gluttonous fuck, so he might as well completely sellout and let everyone know he’s a POS.



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